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Migrating to a Best Practices Customer Journey

You Need All Four Pillars to Achieve an Optimal Business Development Cycle.

Getting to Actual Revenue Growth Requires that Marketing and Sales Become One Seamless Continuum.

While the fundamentals of guiding a customer through their buying journey remain anchored in time-tested principles, the tools and techniques used to engage and convert have rapidly evolved. An integrated approach that connects strategy with execution across all touchpoints is now essential. When the four pillars outlined below are tightly aligned, customer data flows seamlessly to enable progressively personalized messaging. This powers your brand’s ability to drive higher conversion rates through relevance.

ONE: Establish an Authentic Compelling Brand
Your brand identity is the North Star guiding every customer interaction. In today’s crowded marketplace, standing out requires an iconic brand that people instantly recognize and emotionally connect with. Strategic positioning, bold messaging and consistent visuals must permeate all touchpoints. Leverage data to identify your ideal customers and dial in on their pain points and desires. Reflect these insights creatively in your branding and content. Build trust and affinity by conveying your values and passion for making people’s lives better. The brand experience you deliver will earn loyal brand advocates.

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TWO: Conduct Omni-Channel Messaging
Carefully orchestrated messaging across all platforms allows you to surround customers with relevant touchpoints. Deploy data-driven personas and journeys to map out coordinated campaigns. Content should feel personalized and speak to what matters most to each audience. Connect with customers on the channels they prefer, with messaging tailored to each medium. Extend reach with paid media amplified through owned properties and earned advocacy. A cohesive omni-channel approach makes every interaction strengthen your relationship.

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THREE:  Nurture MQLs with Personalized Content
Turning prospects into loyal customers requires building relationships over time. Nurturing guides prospects through an educational journey that addresses their concerns, needs and objections. Workflows, triggered emails and personalized content paths serve each person content that speaks to their role and interest level. Build a sovereign multi-channel database of prospect profiles and behaviors. Score leads to identify sales-ready prospects. The more relevant your nurturing, the faster prospects convert.

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FOUR: Use a CRM Data-Driven Dialog to Close Sales
When a prospect is ready to buy, your sales team needs visibility into their journey so far. A CRM centralizes prospect/customer data and interactions from all channels and departments into unified profiles. Empower sales with complete histories, recommended messaging and AI-guided dialogs. Configure deal stages, workflows and alerts to smoothly hand-off between teams. Data-driven dialogs and content sequences help sales anticipate needs and systematically guide the buyer to close.

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RECAP: Don't Let Your Marketing Efforts Stop Short of Revenue Generation

An integrated approach that seamlessly connects strategy and execution across the entire customer journey is crucial today - otherwise your marketing risks being just expensive busy work. When thoughtfully mapped to business development, a fully cyclical customer journey enables progressively more relevant engagement that drives higher conversion. The four pillars presented here form the foundation of this customer-centric approach.

When these pillars align, customer data flows seamlessly to enable progressively more relevant interactions. This powers the brand's ability to drive higher conversion through relevance across the complete journey. To find out what an optimal customer journey could look like for your customers, call or email Managing Partner Bill Pemberton at 469-763-2197 or today.

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