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Whatever It Takes to Win New Customers, We've Done It!

We've invested decades of professional experience serving senior living designers, housing, healthcare, and support services, of all types. 

There's no substitute for deep experience. You either have it or you don't. In the latter case, clients wind up having to pay to bring agency staff up to speed. Who wants that? You pay an agency to bring super-strong strategic savvy and speed-to-market implementation skills. Our *results speak for themselves. 

Magazine Story Placements

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Advertising-Driven Press Release Distribution

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Integrated Campaign - Recent Case Study

The International Caregivers Association needed to rebrand a core service and introduce it to ICA's global marketplace. Stratos designed and built a fully integrated, multi-channel customer journey; including branding refresh, global PR, a new website/SEO, content program, social media, digital advertising, and Hubspot CRM sales management program.