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About Us

Our Vision

To Achieve Your Occupancy and Revenue Goals through Breakthrough Marketing, PR and Sales Support.

At Stratos, our vision is clear - to provide the strong support and guidance companies need to achieve their core goals of high occupancy, revenue, and exceptional customer experiences. We understand the increasingly complex challenges facing B2C and B2B sectors. Ever-evolving technologies raise the bar higher each year for competing and sustaining ROI-driven business models.

Our focus extends to helping clients gain new customers and residents, meet occupancy or sales targets, and replace those who have left. We believe in our clients' mission to create an exceptional experience for their customers and families.

In essence, our vision is to propel your business to the next level. We strive to provide the technologies, strategies, and real-world guidance to optimize your marketing and sales. This allows you to compete at the highest level while sustaining your business model and achieving your core goals of occupancy, revenue, and customer experience. 

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Stratos: What's In a Name?

As our name implies, we recognize the urgent need for breakthrough innovation to overcome the hurdles of growing competition, economic adversity, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages. The old marketing playbook just doesn't work anymore—it's time to adapt or risk falling behind.

That's why Stratos leverages next-level tools, strategies, and exciting new technologies to deliver extraordinary solutions to any occupancy challenges. Our reinvented, best practices help generate marketing campaigns with higher impact and breathtaking speed-to-market. As an early adopter AI agency, we provide faster, smarter, and more targeted results the first time, all while lowering costs.

Join us in the upper levels of possibility. Let Stratos' AI-powered marketing propel your community above the competition and obstacles holding you back. It's time to soar higher with innovative technology and never-before-seen ideas that will revolutionize your marketing and revolutionize your results. The future of senior living marketing is here.


"Much has been made of the new generative version of artificial intelligence--and for good reason. But it's only half of the equation."  - Stratos Principal, Bill Pemberton

Without wise human guidance, today's techology marvels can easily result in a "misguided missile." There is simply no substitute for proven human intelligence--gained from long and hard-won experience gained over decades. That's when tech breakthroughs perform their best. And it's why Stratos focuses on finding only the most experienced experts possible--across the key fields our clients need. Afterall, isn't wise guidance why you hire an agency in the first place?




Meet the Stratos Team: Masters in Their Fields

Here's just a sampling of our experience base in senior living . . .