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Agency to Serve Senior Living and Healthcare Industries

New Service Delivery Model to Leverage the Power of Data, AI-Augmented Platforms, and Deep Human Expertise 

DALLAS (Dec. 1, 2023) — Stratos Communications announced its launch today as a new hybrid business development agency for senior living, healthcare, and hospitality providers. Stratos focuses on aligning with C-suite priorities by driving core results like revenue growth and occupancy rates.

Stratos will provide next-generation public relations, marketing, and business development services focused on revenue and occupancy growth, driven by data, technology, and strategic communications best practices. Clients can also call on Stratos for crucial staffing strategies and specialized research services.

"It's time for a whole new agency model focused on accountability and tangible ROI from marketing spend," said Stratos Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Pemberton.

Stratos combines AI and data-driven business intelligence (BI) to create personalized customer experiences that go beyond traditional marketing KPIs. The hybrid approach provides enhanced transparency and accountability for marketing investments.

"This model is exponentially more agile than status quo marketing agencies while offering unmatched personalization and relationship management at much lower cost," Pemberton said. "That's why senior providers can now elevate their expectations for achieving real business results."

Stratos offers full-cycle business development services, from building brand awareness through omnichannel marketing campaigns, nurturing leads with targeted content, and supporting sales teams with CRM-driven tools. 

The new tools combine with robust data insights to provide personalized content marketing that nurtures the journey of each sales prospect from brand awareness to customer and ultimately a company advocate, due to a positive and cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints. 

This approach is especially impactful in regard to targeted content programs and data-driven digital campaigns—which help companies create a positive and compelling customer experience (CX) across all of their brand touchpoints.  

By blending data-driven strategies, AI platforms, and communications best practices, Stratos aims to redefine success metrics around the customer experience. The agency makes omnichannel digital marketing financially accessible to organizations of all sizes through precision customer journey mapping and highly tailored content.

Stratos leverages select partnerships with experts in brand strategy, content development, customer experience, customer relationship management, and sales training to provide specialized services meeting each client's specific needs and budget.

"Personalization should extend to agency services," Pemberton said. "Each Stratos partner can meet the client's scope and budget, whether large or small."

With over 25 years of industry experience, Pemberton leads Stratos in providing specialized tools and data-driven insights to increase occupancy, revenue, and quality of care. Stratos also partners with world-class experts to deliver customized solutions tailored to each client's specific needs and budget.

About Stratos Communications:
Based in Dallas, Texas, Stratos Communications provides advanced hybrid marketing and sales solutions tailored for senior living, healthcare, multi-family, and hospitality providers on a global scale. The agency offers marketing, public relations, and business development planning and support across the entire lifecycle of their properties, including planning, development, pre-sales, construction, openings, repositionings, and more. For details, visit

Bill Pemberton